An Open Space: #ThisTexan Mic Night

By Zoya Zia

On a cool Wednesday evening in April, a diverse group of Texans gathered in the Asian Culture Room at the University of Texas at Austin to discuss what being a Texan means to them. One after another, they rose to the occasion and let a mic serve as a medium to share their stories, perspectives and thoughts on the topic. Home Slice Pizza and Tiff’s Treats completed the night.

As different individuals were able to speak and listen, the words echoing in the room resonated with an important take-away message: there is no single way to be a Texan. This state serves as home to various communities. Building an inclusive space starts by recognizing this diversity.

Hosted by the Institute for Diversity & Civic Life, the #ThisTexan Open Mic Night promoted unity and an overall sense of understanding. The Humanities Media Project videoed the event, giving speakers a digital mic and platform. These videos were later posted on their YouTube channel.

Over the next few weeks, IDCL will post videos from the Open Mic Night on our Facebook page. The event attendees initiated an open dialogue that can continue to occur beyond that evening in April and move online, across the wide array of universities and regions that make up Texas.

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