Calling Texan Writers: #ThisTexan Essay Contest

The Institute for Diversity & Civic Life is excited to announce an initiative to share the diverse stories of Texans. Through the #ThisTexan Essay Contest, IDCL aims to provide an opportunity for community members to write about their experiences and thoughts on Texan identity. This contest falls under the wider #ThisTexan campaign for reframing the way … Continue reading Calling Texan Writers: #ThisTexan Essay Contest

Recap: Live Upstander Training

By Zoya Zia On Wednesday, February 1, viewers tuned into an informative workshop aimed at empowering bystanders via Facebook Live. To learn about becoming an upstander, watch the recorded Facebook Live video below. You can also visit and download the toolkit here.   Turning Bystanders into Upstanders is a research-based workshop that guides participants step-by-step … Continue reading Recap: Live Upstander Training

Iowa Caucus Coverage and the Friend Card

*This post is part of our series analyzing the discourse on diversity in the election and election coverage. By Lauren Horn Griffin The frequency of the “I have black/Latino friends” argument and its continued use by politicians and pundits reveal a need to engage in a more sophisticated discussion of diversity, discrimination, and difference.   Since the Iowa … Continue reading Iowa Caucus Coverage and the Friend Card

The Work of Tolerance and Inclusion in a Period of Extremism

The Syrian refugee crisis and recent terrorist attacks have pushed the American public to delve into civic questions of who 'we' are and where we draw lines of inclusion and exclusion in our society. We've asked Meghan Horner, a longtime professional working in refugee resettlement and non-profit/NGO development, to write this guest post offering a perspective on … Continue reading The Work of Tolerance and Inclusion in a Period of Extremism

Texas and the Politics of Exclusion

By Tiffany Puett First published at Last Friday night, several armed terrorists coordinated attacks around the city of Paris that left 129 people dead. The terrorist group ISIS, or Daesh, has claimed responsibility. The day before the Paris attacks, suicide bombers with ISIS affiliation killed 43 people and wounded 239 more in Beirut. The attacks … Continue reading Texas and the Politics of Exclusion