Recap: Live Upstander Training

By Zoya Zia

On Wednesday, February 1, viewers tuned into an informative workshop aimed at empowering bystanders via Facebook Live. To learn about becoming an upstander, watch the recorded Facebook Live video below. You can also visit and download the toolkit here.


Turning Bystanders into Upstanders is a research-based workshop that guides participants step-by-step on how to stand up against hate in various contexts.

The event offered viewers the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals including violence prevention expert Randy Randolph and policy analyst Yasmin Diallo Turk. They underscored the importance of this kind of program in a time when hatred is normalized.

Over the course of the event, they described how to be an upstander in a situation that involves individuals who do not know one another.

The trainers began by identifying six key steps. First, individual must self-talk themselves into action, focus on the target and avoid the aggressor. Then, they should use body language and positioning to shift the power dynamic, working to deescalate the situation through tone and volume. By engaging the crowd in helping, the upstander can continue to support the target.

Randy mentioned a few dialogue questions to pose to participants in order to better understand their needs and the experiences of their communities. Helping bridge the gap between the trainers and the participants can set a positive, safe tone for the workshop.

Through multiple activities and discussions, the trainers were able to communicate how viewers could lead workshops in their own communities. Those who participate can provide input on different topics and contribute to the overall success of the program.

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