Reflecting on 9/11 Twenty Years Later

This year marked the 20th anniversary of September 11. To document this day, IDCL and I-AMM hosted an event to commemorate the tragic losses and reflect on the long-term consequences that have shaped the lives of Texans over the past twenty years. 

Our panelists Dr. Habiba Noor, Dr. Banafsheh Madaninejad, Ramish Nadeem, and Dr. Roy Casagranda discussed xenophobia, targeted surveillance of Muslim communities and the social  impacts of 9/11 through education and public policy. These reflections were in response to a series of exerts from IDCL’s 9/11, Twenty Years Later oral history collection, which aims to hear stories that are neglected in the way media and schools have historicized 9/11 thus far. 

Watch the full program here.

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