On the Recent Election: Standing Together to Build a More Inclusive Public Sphere

A statement from our Director, Dr. Tiffany Puett:

This week, many Americans are trying to make sense of an unsettling election. Analysts and pundits have many ideas on why and how this all played out– among them, that many of Americans feel that they have been left out of the promises of the American Dream.

At IDCL, we recommit ourselves to the core principles of our democracy– equality, freedom, and justice for all. We know that for any one of us to be free, we must all have the means to be our full, authentic, autonomous selves. If this country is to be truly great, we must dismantle the fear-driven politics of racism and xenophobia. And this involves the complex work of dismantling structural oppression. Now more than ever, we must work to build a society that values and includes all its people, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. We hope you’ll join us in this work.

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