IDCL’s research takes an interdisciplinary approach to critically engaging the most pressing issues related to diversity  in the Texas public sphere. Our work documents the religions and cultures of Texas and investigates the experiences of minority groups in the Texas public sphere.


Upstanders & Allyship

The following images link to two resources on the same topic. First streamed on Facebook Live, the video workshop can be viewed by clicking on the first image while the second image provides access to a PDF guide to accompany the video.

Inclusive Workplaces

To provide information about various religions and their major holidays, IDCL has created the following handouts. Click on the images below to find out more about different religions and overall practices and traditions during holidays. The handouts also outline what co-workers and employers can do to accommodate their colleagues and ensure that they are able … Continue reading Inclusive Workplaces

Inclusive Schools

Commemorating and Teaching about Sept. 11 in Texas Public Schools: Elementary and Secondary School Curriculum Guides     

Islamophobia in Texas

After recognizing a rise in incidents of Islamophobia in Texas in the past year, IDCL convened a team of researchers to better understand the climate of Islamophobia in Texas. Drawing primarily from media reports, social media posts, and government documents from 2011 – 2016, the team developed a white paper that identifies patterns of anti-Muslim bias in Texas … Continue reading Islamophobia in Texas