IDCL’s work bridges academic and public conversations in an attempt to foster constructive dialogue about belonging and recognition.  

Our efforts manifest in the creation of valuable resources, curriculum materials, and instructional guides, which facilitate meaningful engagement with religious and cultural diversity. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support in navigating matters pertaining to inclusion and discrimination, within various contexts such as communities, workplaces, schools, and classrooms.

In addition to its core initiatives, IDCL offers a range of educational opportunities that encompass diverse methodologies and subjects. These include oral history methods, which facilitate the collection and preservation of narratives and personal experiences, allowing for a deeper understanding of the complexities of diverse communities. Furthermore, IDCL engages in fostering religious and cultural diversity, promoting religious literacy to enhance knowledge and appreciation of different faith traditions and cultural practices. Lastly, IDCL actively participates in community-based research, collaborating with local communities to conduct meaningful studies that address pertinent issues and contribute to collective knowledge. 

IDCL will soon offer an online certificate program about community-based research in Summer 2024. This program provides a flexible and comprehensive curriculum that enables individuals to enhance their understanding of community and community research, preparing them to address complex issues in professional contexts.