Join our #ThisTexan campaign!

Texas is the second largest, second most populous, and fastest growing state in the country. So who are all these people that call Texas home? Texas is a top destination for new immigrants and home to the most ethnically diverse city in the nation, Houston. Yet, many narratives of Texas don’t account for the diversity that makes this state great.

So we’ve launched a social media campaign and we’re asking Texans across the state to post photos of themselves in our tees with the hashtag #ThisTexan. We want these photos of Texans of many ethnicities, cultures, religions, and races to show that this is a state of multitudes and all its people deserve to be seen, heard, and counted.

Shirts are available here! Post a photo of yourself in your shirt using #ThisTexan and tag @diversityandciviclife on Instagram or Facebook. If using Twitter, tag @IDCL_TX. If you’d like, include in the comments something about what it means to you to be a Texan. We’ll share or repost your photo! If your account is private, message the photo to us through social media or info@diversityandciviclife.org and we’ll share it.

Thanks for helping us build a more inclusive Texas where y’all means all!