Telling Stories, Building Bridges: Our Programs and Approach

IDCL is on a mission to expand civic imaginations and build bridges across differences through storytelling, research, and education. Our programs harness the power of stories to transform. We create platforms to amplify underrepresented voices, empower Texans to tell their stories on their own terms and in more nuanced ways, and diversify the historical record. Our programs bridge academic and public conversations, cultivate conversations about belonging and recognition, and facilitate collaboration across communities.

Our work is also rooted in commitments to anti-oppression and anti-racism. You can read more about this approach here.


#ThisTexan is a storytelling and oral history initiative to gather and record the stories of Texans working to build more inclusive communities. It’s a project to build a more capacious narrative of Texas, a narrative that reflects the diverse peoples who call this state home. We launched #ThisTexan with a student-organized open-mic night on the … Continue reading #ThisTexan